Monday, December 14, 2009

Last minute Gifts???

Here's a little something new, at least the fasteners differ a little from the zipper pulls, for your purse, jacket, or even to hook on the belt loop of your jeans. They are easy off ....easy on. They also have a few bigger and more numerous beads. I guess we all need a little bling right?? They're available for that last minute purchase at Umlauf Art Studio in down town Lake Tomahawk.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Umlauf Art Studio Holiday Sale

Just one more thing to add before tomorrow and then I think I can sit back and relax a little this evening. I finished this up today and am pleased with how it turned out. I'd like to explore the areas of combining chains with beads, and stones and Fine Silver pieces, so this has gotten me started. It has one hollow Lampwork bead nestled amongst some very nice large white Freshwater Pearls. A double sterling chain completes the other side, also making it adjustable. And dangling off the chain are 2 Fine Silver heart charms. This will be at the Gallery tomorrow. Now off to relax and gather my thoughts before the big day.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Turnout at Bassett's

I think last night can be counted as a big success for the "Just for the Ladies" night at Bassett Jewelers in Minocqua. There was quite a crowd and everyone had a chance to fill out a wish list for the benefit of their special someone. A very nice way to make it easy! So now there's one more Holiday Sale before Christmas, and that will be at the Rodd Umlauf Gallery in Lake Tomahawk this coming Saturday, Dec. 5th. from 10:00-4:00. All the artists will be on hand, Rodd, resident painter, Hans our wood worker, Kathy our potter and myself. There will be Wine and Treats and lots of festive Holiday Spirit.
Pictured are a couple new things that will be at the gallery on Sat. Something new for the person who has.... almost everything, a beaded bottle opener in vivid hues of cobalt, with striped cane, murrini, and glass shards. The earrings in blue are Kyanite disks with handmade Fine Silver spirals, on short handmade sterling ear wires. The "swirly Q's" lasted all of about 10 minutes at the event last night, but I was working on another pair today and should have them for Sat. This pair has Fine Silver spirals with tiny Freshwater Pearls in shades of mocha.

To entice you further Amy Higgason of Pigeon Road Pottery (check on the right for her Blog, you can see photos of her work) will be holding a Holiday Sale as well. Wendy Powalisz will be a guest artist for the day. Amy is located on Pigeon Road just before Lake Tomahawk. Also River Run will be holding a Holiday Sale as well. I believe all will be open at 10:00. So if you have some Christmas Shopping to do or would like to pick out something for yourself, take a drive up Highway 47 and support your Local Artists.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Pieces at Bassett's

Bassett Jewelers in Minocqua will be having a "Just for the Ladies" night on Wed. Dec. 2, 2009. If you click on their website to the right,and go to events, you can see a personal invitation with all the details. I'll be there to help out and answer questions and maybe imbibe in a little wine from The Vine or some chocolate from Bosacki's Chocolates and More.

The following 2 pieces are currently at Bassett's for your viewing pleasure. The first is a pair of Fine Silver earrings with dangles of Iolite, Lapis, and pearls.

The second is another handmade Fine Silver Wire bail with a Lampwork Glass bead in clears and steel green. It has embedded bubbles and white coiling. It rests on a Fine Silver handmade headpin and topped with a sterling "string" bead. Stop up if you need a break and enjoy a little "ME" time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A big happy birthday to my 81 year young mom! May you have contunued good health and may I have those genes!

And very Happy Thanksgiving to all, may you all have lots to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Open House at Frasier's...

Just a few pics of the Open House at Frasier's Kitchens the other night. It was really nice as I haven't done a show in Rhinelander for awhile and it was like old home week. Good to see so many familier faces. And many thanks to all those who went home with a little something!

Some of Jackie's cuff bracelets and a couple of my pendants.

Jackie Pavlow and I shared a table and a display. We both brought a few props and within a short time had come up with something very pretty. It was fun Jack!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Available Tonight....

Here's a pair of Fine Silver earrings that will be available tonight at the Open House at Frasier's. Come check it out, I here there will be treats also :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hunter Widows Open House.....

This Friday starts the annual Hunter Widows weekend filled with various activities for those of us who prefer to stay out of the woods. I'll be at Frasiers Showplace Interiors with a selection of jewelry items. My friend Jackie Pavlow will be there also with her purses and some new cuff bracelets that she's been working on. And I can tell you first hand that they're pretty unique and very beautiful. We'll also have the purses that we collaborated on, for display.

I may be wearing this piece in the picture as it's one of my favorites. It's a pendant that turns into 3 bracelets or a choker and a bracelet. If you look closely you can see there are 3 toggles that will unhook.

Here is the piece as 3 bracelets. I love the hollow beads that are graced with fine silver mesh and then draped in a silver glass shard that turns metallic colors when heated. There are also freshwater pearls in white and peacock, along with some of my fine silver handmade beads.

This piece will be available for sale and is one of the new items with this Fine Silver twisted wire bail with flamed ends. The base color on the bead is a khaki which is covered in silver leaf and glass shards with an added murrini. The clear "wings" have gold stone dots. Remember for a closer view just lick on the picture. Hope to see you this Friday at Frasier's from 4 to 7 I believe.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nicolet Artist Collaboration Show

So now that you know who the Spa Girls are, let me tell you about the latest project fellow artist, Jackie Pavlow and I have completed. The project will be on display at Nicolet College in the Art Gallery starting Oct. 31. It is a show for one or more artists to work together and display their results.
The Handbag project began as an idea for gifts for 3 longtime friends who gather together yearly for a weekend reunion. Jackie's expertise
as a fiber and graphic design artist
using recycled fabrics, and Kathy's
expertise in Lampwork bead design
and production, and Fine Silver creations are combined in this beautiful collaboration to celebrate the enduring friendship among three women. Inspirations for the graphics include photos of meaningful places and words, and the three friends, as well as themes portraying friends as individuals.The use of similar fabrics with different colors, and the theme of the repition of 3 in the beadwork, stitching, and chains signifies an enduring friendship between 3 women

Remember you can click on any photo to enlarge it for a closer view.

Points for my Son Ben....

Lots and lots of points go to my son Ben!! He presented me with these lovely roses while I was in Madison for our Annual Holland House Spa Girls weekend. What a good kid! They're still looking pretty good too. He and his girlfriend Lauren graced us with their presence at dinner and a tour of their place. It was a fun night.

The Holland House gathering is 2 of my long time friends, Jean and Cheryl, from Jr. High. who get together at least once a year at some place fun to ....of course, have a good time! Where does the name come from you say? Well one year , when we were having a particularly good time, I had brought a couple Home Spa Recipe books as gifts, and we tried a few of the recipes for Facials. All made with natural ingredients,(strawberries, oatmeal, honey, etc.) some were just too drippy to be without a basin under ones chin. So they did supply a lot of laughter. Jean has a house in Galena, where we met, with a Historical plaque called the Holland House, and after Champagne...... or was it Margaritas..... or maybe Chocolate Martini's, we became the Holland House Spa Girls!

The H2SG even made it on the Michael Feldman radio show Whad Ya Know? that Sat. To catch us on the air go to
and scroll down to Part D we're on right after the French girl.
Oct. 17, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I was going to post some Fall Photos....

but then I thought maybe I should post these first since this was what the day looked like yesterday. Thankfully most if it melted today and hopefully we'll go back to it being Fall.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Still Available at Umlauf Art Gallery

Well the Art Tours are over for the year, and I think we had quite a few people come through the doors. Now on to planning for next year. In the mean time, here are two pieces that are still available at the Gallery. The first has one of the new Fine Silver wire bails with flamed ends. Dropped from the bail, is a flat tabular bead with lots of silver leaf and glass shards and a lone murrini floating on the bottom.

This pair of earrings starts out as a dark amber round bead. Silver leaf is added and then topped with Sea Pearl glass frit. The whole works are then encased in clear glass and this is the result. I love the pattern that forms from top to bottom on these particular beads.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Northwoods Fall Art Tour

Here's a few things that will be available at the Rodd Umlauf Gallery in Lake Tomahawk, for The Northwoods Fall Art Tour. This piece is another new handmade Fine Silver bail, with a cobalt lampworked bead, with silver leaf, glass shards, and murrini. It also has some clear "wings" with blue adventurine dots. It's perched on an 18" rubber cord.

Here's a pair of Fine Silver rectangles with a spiral design texture. Separate spirals create movement by hanging freely on the sterling hoops. Copper colored Freshwater Pearls dangle from the bottom.

And last, is a Handmade Fine Silver piece, with multiple textures. A smooth tear drop Labradorite is fastened with wraps and wraps of sterling wire. It"s dropped from a 16" rubber cord.
The Art Tour runs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I"ll be at the Gallery on Friday afternoon and most of the day on Saturday. Get out and see some Fall colors and as well as some beautiful Art!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Silver Links

I haven't posted in awhile....been busy, getting some new things ready for the Fall Art Tour and having a couple nice weekend trips. So just a quick post ...this piece has Fine Silver textured circles with fused links. They're attached to a strand of small bicone Lapus Lazuli. Dropped from the middle link is a cobalt bead with glass shards, murrini, and silver leaf. I'll be back a little the meantime enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smooth Labradorite tear drops...

One of my favorites, out of this last batch of work, were these earrings. Concave squares of Fine Silver with a touch of texture, hold smooth tear drop Labradorites. They are entwined with sterling wire and all the silver has been gently oxidised.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Make Mine Asymetrical please......

Yes.... it's supposed to be that way. I know there will be some people who will want to point out to me that one side of this necklace is not the same as the other. But hey, I've never been too much of a symmetrical person, I like things not always the same, not always predictable. For this piece, on one side I have some Dyed Silver Freshwater Pearls. They travel partially up the other side where they're met with a fused Fine Silver ring. On the other side of the ring are two different sized gun metal chains. Dropped from from the center of the necklace is a handmade Fine Silver square with two different textures separated by pounded spheres. And from the square hangs a Lampworked Glass bead with murrini, Fine Silver mesh, and glass shards to give it a bit of a Cosmic effect. It's capped in Dark Silver Plum with a leaf on each side.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Debut

This is one of the new pieces I debuted at the Bassett Silver & Bold Show. The Fine Silver spiral bail is handmade and travels up one side of the rubber cord. Suspended from the bail is a Lampworked glass bead with glass shards, Fine Silver mesh, murrini, and silvered ivory stringer on a steel green base. The headpin is also Fine Silver and handmade. I made a few others as well and will post them soon. Enjoy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a Little Teaser...

Now that most of the work is done, I thought I would give you a little preview to tomorrow's Silver & Bold Show. This piece has a Fine Silver handmade charm with the words "Till we Meet Again". Suspended from the charm is a Lampworked bead with Silvered ivory glass shards and a Raku Murrini. The head pin is also handmade from Fine Silver. Sterling rings, copper beads dipped in silver, and Dutch Dogan rings complete the piece, which hangs on a 24" rubber cord.
These earrings are hanging from a small white creamer pitcher, from my collection. They have handmade Fine Silver wires from which a Fine silver spiral hangs. The gems in luscious colors of greens and pinks, reminding you of watermelon, are Tourmalines.

Stop by Bassett's in Minocqua, on Saturday, to see what other "little gems" will be there.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Silver & Bold Show .....Coming Soon!

Bassett Jewelers Welcomes Back “silver & bold” artists to their Showroom

Bassett Jewelers is hosting it’s second round of jewelry trunk shows featuring local designers on August 15, 22 & 29 from 10am to 4 pm. “Silver and Bold: A Northwoods Jewelry Designers Showcase” will feature artists Betty J. Christian of Lake Tomahawk, Kathy Furda of Rhinelander and Wendy Powalisz of Land O’ Lakes on three separate saturdays in the store’s showroom. Each artist will be on hand to talk to customers directly about their pieces.

The event was conceived last fall by owner Susan Bassett and marketing manager, Amy Higgason as a direct response to customer inquiries. “There have been many customer requests for locally made items. We hand selected these three ladies because their craftsmanship is first-rate. They each have their own signature styles and unique approaches to their materials”notes Susan Bassett. “The first event went over so well that we created a ‘Northwoods Boutique’ within the store to showcase these artists year-round. The reaction has been extremely positive!” adds Bassett.

“Late summer is the perfect time to bring the artists back to the showroom for another round of Silver & Bold trunk shows. It’s an opportunity for Betty, Kathy & Wendy to meet our seasonal customers that missed the shows last November & December” Higgason explains.

Artist Betty J. Christian is first up on Sat., Aug. 15. Christian began creating wire wrapped jewelry in the late 90’s. Her intricate pieces are formed one at a time using only hand tools and jigs. She works primarily with sterling silver, but also uses 14K gold-filled wire and copper wire in some designs. Most pieces incorporate gemstones or other bead materials, including pearls, glass, wood, bone, clay, and seeds. “When I work with wire it seems to take on a fluid-like quality as it willingly flows into form. Each piece is a fun journey of creation” claims Christian.

The store welcomes Kathy Furda on Sat., Aug. 22. Furda designs jewelry incorporating glass lampworked beads and fine silver pieces. She makes her beads over a torch. It involves melting glass rods over a metal rod and then reworking the glass into art forms. Furda fuses fine silver wire to some of her glass beads. She also uses fine silver clay to create silver beads that are then fired in her kiln. “I like the combination of smooth glass beads and textured silver. The range of color, style, glass and precious metals that can be utilized is unlimited. It’s a very exciting creative medium.” states Furda.

Shoppers can meet Wendy Powalisz at Bassett’s showroom on Sat., Aug 29. Powalisz lists playing with her grandma’s necklaces and big jars of buttons as an “early delight.” Her fascination grew as she learned how antique beads traveled across the globe as currency. “Imagine the stories they could tell” she remarks. Powalisz began collecting vintage glass beads from Europe, African trade beads and semi-precious stones from around the world. She combines them with fairly traded silver from Thailand. “I still play with beads and buttons, but today they end up as one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.”

"We are excited to share this fine work with our customers. It's a talented group and as a small local merchant, it's our privilege to promote these area entrepreneurs." Bassett ads. Each artist will be at the store on their day from 10 am to 4 pm. Jewelry by these artists is available year-round at Bassett Jewelers, located at the stoplights in downtown Minocqua. Please call 715-356-7272 for more information.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Creative Arts Walk ...Art in Bloom

Sandy Buss sent me this photo she took of one of my Flat Glass windows that she used for an inspiration piece for an Art in Bloom work. I was thrilled to provide her with inspiration. The photo below is a close up of her handy work. Very Beautiful Sandy! This was on display at Brown Street Studio during the Creative Arts Walk. And there's another place you should check out if you're down town . Becky Carpenter is the owner/photographer and she has a very unique eye. Her pieces are a delight. Take a look at her site here:

What a Weekend...

Well needless to say ....I was worn out by the end of the weekend! It was a busy week leading up to the Northwoods Art Tour and Creative Arts Walk and an equally busy weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the Art Tour, things just got to busy and I didn't get the chance. I did more Demos this year than in the past, lost of interested people. We had lots of visitors who asked lots of questions and seemed to enjoy their experience at the Gallery.
The photos I have are of the Creative Art Walk in Down Town Rhinelander.
Here I am posing with all the items I
brought with me.

This is my friend, Jackie Pavlow, she is one creative person. She was demonstrating her hand felted handbags. You can see some of the beautiful handbags she has made hanging on the coat stands. Remember for a larger image, just click on the picture.

A close up of some jewelry and flat glass that I brought. There is a piece of stained glass in the background that I purposely brought to show how beautiful a single multi-colored piece can be. This was the first time I did the event . I demonstrated how to make a small flat glass window. I had a lot of interested people, who asked very good questions.
Both Jackie and I had set up at Frasier's Showplace Interiors. Here is Jackie showing Nancy Frasier just how it's done. Nancy was a very good promoter for the both of as well.

Here are two friends Rene' Carlson and her daughter Katie. They look good now , but you should have seen them after they got caught in the rain. I was glad we were inside but felt bad for those who were outside in tents, when the wind and rain came up suddenly.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's an Art weekend...

If you want to see some of the great artwork being produced up here in the Northwoods, this is the weekend to see it! Friday, July 24th is the kickoff day for the Northwoods Art Tour. The tour runs from 10 to 5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check the Links to the right and click for more information. Also on Friday is the Creative Arts Walk in Down Town Rhinelander. It starts at 4 and runs till 8. I will be at both events, starting out at the Rodd Umlauf Gallery #15 on the map. I'll have my torch set up and will be making some glass beads. Click on the link at right to check out the other artists displaying their work there.
Later on that afternoon, I'll head down to Rhinelander and will demonstrate how a small glass window is made at Frasier's Showplace Interiors. I'll have a few items for sale there as well. Here's your chance to see some beautiful art and support the arts as well. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New at The Open Armoire

In the rush of getting things ready for the upcoming Northwoods Art Tour this weekend, I almost forgot about some of the new things I took up to the Open Armoire located in Three Lakes. This is a set but can be sold separately and most certainly stands well on it's own. The pendant has a lampwork glass disk bead in champagne and white Filigrana rod. A Fine Silver spiral disk tops the glass bead as well as a Freshwater Pearl. The drop is suspended from a Sterling and Fine Silver handmade bail. Another champagne glass bead with Fine silver dots rests on a rubber cord, along with Dutch Dogans and Sterling spacers. The earrings have Lampwork glass disk beads along with Fine Silver spirals and rest on handmade Sterling wires. The Lampwork beads are also softly etched to give a velvety feel. Again both of these pieces are at The Open Armoire in Three Lakes, just off the main street. Take a look as there are many interesting items there.

This Friday I'll be spending time up at the Rodd Umlauf Gallery in Lake Tomahawk for The Northwoods Art Tour. I'll be there to do some Bead Demos on the torch. This is your chance to see just how it's done. You can get all your questions answered, well hopefully, all of them. At 4:00 I'll be back in Rhinelander, for the Creative Arts Walk Down Town. This is the second year for this event. The Down Town Organization is trying to raise funds for a possible Art Center and they will be having a raffle to help raise funds. I believe most of the Artists will have donated items to be raffled. I'll have more info later in the week.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Recently Sold at Bassett's....

This pair of earrings sold recently at Bassett Jewelers in Minocqua. Softly etched lentil shaped lampworked beads, with fine silver leaf and wire rest comfortably on handmade Sterling wires. And now they rest on my best friend's ears. Thanks Jean! Hope you enjoyed seeing all the local artist works as well as the fine jewelry at this special store.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wine Stoppers

Here are a few more Wine Stoppers They are done in base colors of Black, Cobalt and Transparent Steel Gray. Glass shards, Silver Leaf, Silvered Ivory, and clear "wings" have been added to each one. They reside at Bosacki's Chocolates, for your wine and chocolate needs!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Canape Set

If you're up in Minocqua and you get a hankerin' for some really good chocolate..... stop in at Bosacki's Chocolates on the Boardwalk. They have something that will be sure to scratch that itch. And while you're there you can check out this canape set with clear hollow beads dusted with some copper ruby frit, and deep red beads with raku frit, dots and bubbles.