Monday, February 16, 2009

So Who Loves the DOG Show???

My Mickey does , that's who. I finally caught him on camera watching one of his favorite TV shows, The Westminster Dog Show. Apparently he thought this dog had a good chance of winning it all. Frequently he gets animated, barks, and likes to jump up and get a closer look. While watching Cool Runnings, one night, I actually had to put him in the entry way an close the door, because he just could not contain himself! When set free he made a beeline for the TV room and was deeply disappointed that the movie was over. Other favorites are the Animal Planet network and recently Bronco Busting. DOGS RULE!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So....what does a clean studio look like??

Well, here's my drawing table. It's actually an antique and nice and big for when you need that extra space for big glass designs. I've put away all the stuff except the things I need for the moment. As you can see, there's a window that overlooks the lake and gives me plenty of inspiration. Unfortunately, it's frozen right now, but you never know when deer will walk right by or a wild turkey will pop up and look in the window. It gave me a real start the first time that happened.

My bead table where all the "putting together" takes place. You can actually see the table again! Something you couldn't do before Christmas! When beads and fine silver pieces are completed they are brought here to be inspected and completed as finished pieces of earrings, bracelets and pendants

And here is where the flat glass gets scored and cut before it's taken to the grinder. If I'm working in Fine Silver then I usually work here too. You can see the tumbler sitting on the edge of the table.

And here is lots of glass rod ready to make into some new and interesting beads. I use PVC pipe that's been cut and glued to a base to help store it.

And last, is my Torch station and kiln where I can sit and make beads to my hearts content. The handlebars are to rest my wrists on to steady the work. to dirty it up again!