Sunday, April 24, 2011


 Recently I took a class in Etching Metals from the very talented Artist and Teacher, Kay Rashka. She lives in the Madison area and taught this particular course at the annual Art Glass and Bead Show. Here she demonstrates smoothing the edges of a copper rectangle in preparation for the design. She's using a pistol grip dremel tool that I admit I had a bit of tool lust for.

There were several ways to lay a design on the metal , but here she is using a hot plate and iron to heat up a special kind of paper to make a more intricate design. (Yes, I know the least I could have done was to get a shot without her magnifiers. My bad)
This photo shows the results and it is ready to be etched.
Here are the pieces that I did in class, the two smaller ones are done free hand and the larger is from a stamp. I'm excited about putting them into some of my jewelry pieces.

The earrings pictured were a Mother's Day gift to me and are done by Kay. To see more of her work check out her website

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Kay Rashka said...

How fun! The visor actually keeps all my frizzy gray hair in place. And I did not know that you had a pair of my earrings.........those are some fun earrings!!!Cheers! k