Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well...that went so well I thought I'd try again. This piece has an option of two toggle closures. It has two strands of Serpentine, a light and dark green, as well as a strand of small sterling beads. The main strand consists of 3 clear hollow glass beads that have added glass frit in wonderful hues of amber, wine and cobalt. The four lentil beads on each side are in transparent shades of steel green and the palest amber. They have been decorated with either Fine silver mesh or a stringer of dark silver plum glass which lends a metallic look. This is one of my favorite glasses as the more it's heated the more colors come through. Colors like purple, blue, bronze,and hints of green, all in a metallic palate. The spacers between the hollow beads were made from Fine Silver clay and then fired in the kiln. There are also Freshwater Pearls in copper and champagne.


Anonymous said...

Love the colors you used in this piece! Tell about why you used the toggles--does it come apart to make two separate pieces? Your artistry amazes me.

Anonymous said...

Actually, on this piece the toggles are merely part of the design element, but on other pieces I've done they do come apart and function separately.