Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lentil Bracelet

Todays offering is a bracelet with Lampworked lentil shaped beads. This shape uses a brass lentil press. They come in various sizes as some people like to make very large lentils to use as focal beads. Myself, I prefer the smaller version. The beads were made from the darkest transparent Amber shade and an Olive green transparent. At the center, a very thin band of Silver Leaf and Fine Silver mesh was wrapped at the convergence of the two colors. Also present, are some disk beads, two of which have been acid etched to provide a little contrast. The 3 Fine Silver beads in this bracelet were made from Fine Silver Clay in a most interesting way. The donut shapes are actually Cherrios that I used as my base, and then painted about 10 coats of clay paste over the entire surface. Each coat had to dry before proceeding to the next. I particularly like the irregular shape they provide, specially in contrast with the smooth glass beads. When fired the cherrio burns out in the kiln and the shell of the bead is left. There are Champagne Freshwater Pearls as well as a Green Garnet and teardrop -shaped Garnet in the dangle.

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