Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Big Hole Beads....

Now that I've got this tool figured out on how to silver core my glass beads, I've been practicing quite a bit. This top bead is called a "Wave Bead" . Very fun to make.This one is made from silver glass, so it turns a few different colors.

This one has a base of clear with some added silver leaf and glass frit which helps to create the webbing effect.

Several colors of Violet frit are in this one.

A base of Topaz with some silver glass frit.

Can you tell I love the ones with glass frit?

This one has a base of steel green with a twistie.

This one was very hard to photograph so this is the second go round and it came out better than the first one. This is a special blend of glass frit that even has a bit of goldstone in it. It's very different.

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