Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some Northern Lights....

I recently received a photo from all the way up in Alaska of a stained glass window they made modeled after the photo at the top of my blog. It seems they were searching for a pattern of the Northern Lights in stained glass  and my blog came up in the search. So I thought I should post some large sidelights that I did awhile ago that also had the Northern Lights in them. Please excuse the photos as they were taken about 2 cameras ago. The sidelights are on both sides of a center clear glass door in an entry way of a house here in town. The glass in the background is called Baroque and had to be cut from one large piece of glass. All the swirls had to match up, so they flowed together in the 9 individual panels that make up the piece. Needless to say if a piece didn't cut correctly , I would have had to start over from the beginning with a new piece of glass. Luckily the glass gods were with me and both pieces were completed without any disasters. Enjoy.

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