Monday, December 6, 2010

A Fun Day at the Annual Holiday Sale at the Umlauf Gallery

A good time was had by all on Saturday, as I'm sure you can tell by the photos. Rudolph was there to greet customers, there were lots of treats, and wine and hot apple cider. Faithful customer Amy Higgason stopped  by and had her photo taken with Rudolph, aka Hans Delius the resident woodworker.  His ice cream scoops are the best  and there are still a few left if you need one for christmas.

Rodd's used paint pallettes which are  really rectangles of glass seem like paintings all on their own. And have you ever seen so many varieties of the color green ? And that's not counting all the colors that can be mixed to provide just the right shade he might need for one of his paintings.

Hans wife Linda brought a couple friends in and I do believe they had quite the good time!

Rodd gets to hold the bowl for the drawing , but Rudolph gets to pick of course!

Looking over the many Ring Bowls and trying to decide just which one, can take awhile. Good thing there was wine to help make the decision!

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