Sunday, May 4, 2008

Heavy Metals Bracelet

This bracelet is a piece in my Heavy Metals series named for the use of silver beads and charms as well the use of beads made with Dark Silver Plum glass. It looks like metal as well. Silver beads from the Karen Hilltribe in Thailand are used in this piece. I like to buy from a certain group there as they promote Fair Trade, and the profits go back to the people of the villages who have practiced the art of silver beadmaking for many years. So much so that individual houses are often known for the particular style of bead they make. The Lampwork beads have started out in ivory and are then coated with Blue Silver Leaf and the ends capped with Dark Silver Plum. There is also some Pyrite (Fool's Gold) , old Masai beads and ceramic beads.

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